Top 5 Url Shortener sites To Make Money (Trusted Url Shortener Websites to earn money)


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Top 5 Url Shortener websites

Sharing links is our habit in online world, we always share many website links with our friends (Facebook, youtube, Twitter, Googleplus+, Myspace ext..) Relatives and rest of world for different purposes. Some People also used to share downloading links on their web sites and blogs and through emails. But we can make money by Sharing such links too, so why not to go for it? Many Webmaster Searching for new ways of earning and some of them found it very profitable, now website owner of such websites like Downloading, youtube MP3 converters or normal converters, Backlinking, Wallpaper, using These Shorten url servies  & earning big extra money.

How this Short Links System works
Every Time someone clicks on your Shared Shortened Links you will earn Money (Get paid from Every Visit).
On Average : $4 to $10 for 1000 visitor that you brigs to your link.
Why Shorterner url Sites will pay you : Because you Brings traffic to them

  • Payment Options:
         3. Check (Cheque)

Top Shortener Websites to Earn Money by sharing Short Links

adfly link shortener is a free url shortening service that will pay you $4 for 1000 visitors and you will Get 20% Commission on Refered users.

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Payout for 1000 views : upto $9 (for Interstitial ads)
Minimum payout : $5
Payment Time   : Daily & Mothly
Payment Option : Paypal, Payoneer & Payza
adfly for signup

#2. url shortener network
Just short your link and share it and you will earn real money, today i am adding as Top 2 trusted shorten url service provider section. We have Received 2 Payments from them till now. it took more than 5 months to test this network. After testing this site we Recommend it our Reader too.

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Payout for 1000 views: Upto $10,75
Minimum payout : 10$
Payment Time   :  Monthly (10th of every month)
Payment Option : Paypal and Payoneer url shortener signup

#3. Linkbucks
Linkbucks url shortener network

Linkbucks is leader in social marketing in the business of shortening link service and Content locker, linkbucks will pay you $3 to $6 for 1000 visitors in Shortening urls and $10 just for a single unlock.

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Payout for 1000 views : $3 to $6
Minimum payout : $5
Payment Time   : Instant
Payment Option : Paypal and Payoneer
linkbucks url shortener signup

#4. link shortener

 is a best link Shortener site where you can make money for link shortening and sharing your url links. Gcash is a CPM model based link shortener pays for impressions. Gcash offers $3 for all countries. So, if you are living in a country for which other URL shorteners are not paying good rates then you can try URL link shortener. 
Payout for 1000 Views: Fixed rate for all countries that is $3 to 5 for 1000 views.
Minimum Withdrawal : $10
Payment Methods: Wiretransfer or Paypal
Payment Time : Monthly signup

#5. Linkshrink
LinkShrink url shortener network

LinkShrink is a new trusted url shortener website and Payout rates are highest among all url shorteners. LinkShrink have a nice feature of making custom urls in which we can change "Skip this ad" to any other comments such as "Click here to Continue" ext..

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Payout for 1000 views : $5
Minimum payout : $5
Payment Time   : Automatically on the 1st and 16th of each Month
Payment Option : Paypal and Payza
LinkShrink url shortener to signup

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