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Blogging is said to be one of the most awesome profession these days! Why? The answer is easy for this question but still I would like to explain it to you; Blogging is something which has no rules just one thing is required and i.e hard work. If you are able to do good amount of hard work on your website or blog then surely you can make some huge bucks from it and not only that you can even become the next internet tycoon! But now question comes that how once can monetize his/her website, most of the people would say that Adsense is the best place to do so but I would ask you to go for some alternative methods too! Why? Because once a great person said, ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ And this is what I ask you to follow. Instead of just depending on Adsense you can even go for other monetization methods like link shortening which is said to be most awesome methods.

But among so many url shortening providers you should go for! Why? Here is answer!

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Simple Details:
Network Type: CPM
Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout: $5
Payment Options: Paypal, Payoneer and WebMoney
Payment Time : monthly
Referral: 20%
Payout for 1000 views: Upto $10,82

What is is the most awesome link shortening service. It actually pays you just for shortening the link with them and then sharing it on social media. Cool! Isn’t it? But you might be wondering that why someone will pay for just shortening a link with the help of their tool…. Well, doesn’t only shortens the links but once someone clicks on those links, the person goes through an ad which is shown for 5 seconds and you are actually getting paid for displaying those ads.

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How Works ? works quite similar to any other ‘Shorten Links and Get Paid’ site but it has some twists. I’ll try to explain the working with an example.

  1. Let’s say you like my blog and want to share it with friends but also want to make money doing so.
  2. To make money, you used to shorten to
  3. Now you have a shorten link and you placed it over facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. People clicked on your link but they have to see an advertisement for 5 seconds and then they can continue.
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Tools Provided by

1) Full Page Script This script will monetize your external links, thus making them profitable. Easy to use- copy and paste. 

2) Developers API Simple JSON API for more advanced users. With API you can shorten links without placing any scripts on your website. 

3) WordPress Plugin Do you have a WordPress Blog? Then be ready to automate the link-shortening using this plugin. 

4) Bounce Rate Monetization Have high bounce rate? Make use of this. This script will turn your bounce rate into profit. 

5) Mass Shrinker Want to shorten more than one link at a time? This tool is for that purpose. Mass shrinker will let you shrink up to 20 links at a time. 

6) Social Share Widget Have viral content that is shared all over the web? This tool will monetize every share your users make. 

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There are many scam ‘Shorten Links and Get Paid’ sites, so any person will have a question, is scam or legit? The answer is is 100% legit site, you don’t have to care about that. paying your earning money on time. I strongly recommend, Because personally I use site long time for making some extra bucks. If you’re still confused about the legitimacy of check the below payment proof.

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The Payout & Payment Proof

So the next biggest question is that what is going to be the payout given by Yeah, after all we are all doing this for money so we need to know about it. Let me tell you that payout differs from person to person. The standard rate of payout is counted per 1000 views. So if your shortened links get at least 1000 views then you are paid an amount between $3 and $10, it differs according to places you drive clicks from. And if you think that this much money is not enough to achieve your dreams then you can even sign up for the referral program under which you can get some extra bucks! And extra bucks are always great for getting a beer or a cup of coffee! earning proof

How to Join
I know you are pretty excited to sign up for the service, but calm down! You should never do anything in hurry as the results of such tasks are bad in future! So you can easily sign up for the from HERE! url shortener signup

Once you have signed up, you are ready to go and storm the whole blogosphere with you additional earnings! Another thing before you leave, make sure that you don’t violate policies of, if you don’t know about them then you can always check them from the official website!

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Pros and Cons of using

  • Visitors who visits links must use Java Script and Flash Enabled browser to get publisher (shortener) credited for visits
  • Payout rates are quite low for some countries
  • Low minimum payout($5)
  • Free Sign Up process
  • Simple UI (User Interface)
  • Referral Program
  • Daily Payments are also available
  • Easy to understand
  • Many tools are available to monetize your blog as an Alternative

If you are banned from then is the choice. However if you are not, I recommend you to continue using as it is far better than in many respects. 

But yes, be it any reason for not using, is there to help you. Let's see how: 
  • Minimum payout of both is just $5.
  • As I said before payout rates of are less compared to, still it is comparable for few countries. 
  • Both support Paypal and Payoneer.
  • Both are legit and pays on time, everytime.

Tips to Earn Money with

YouTube Video links; like funny videos, scary videos and trending videos, just search on YouTube and you will find a lot to share, just copy the link of every video then shorten the link and use that for sharing on Facebook, twitter or on any social media.

Share Facebook Images Links, like funny or scary photos and trending photos out there. No need to upload the photo, just view the uploaded image by others and then right on the image and copy the image link/location then that link you copied must shorten with your account and share it on Facebook. This will surely increase your earnings. You may join facebook group with more than 1M members here were you can share your link to earn more in 

Blog Post Links: offcourse if you are a blogger you may shorten your link first before sharing it to any social media for you to earn from sharing your latest useful articles. (take note that it may not improve your social media traffic due to annoying ads)

Refer: Refer others to to boost you earnings. network sign up

Conclusion could be an astounding source to make few extra cash. But you cannot depend on it totally. You can generate sufficient money depending on the visitors. Link shortening is a straightforward method to earn money online if you can capitalize. So, if you are using free service like then you can give it a try for sure. Go ahead and try it and let me know about your experience, problem and success.

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