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Today i am comparing two very popular pop under advertising networks, Edomz and PopCash. Both of these networks are reliable ad networks and online for more than two years. They both are specialized in pop under advertising and therefore they are known for providing high quality advertisements to publishers. Both of these networks are good and provide various facilities to its publishers like high CPM, low minimum payout, high quality content driven ads, fast payments, good support, and some additional features and facilities. So, today in this comparison i will try to provide all the pros and cons of these two ad networks so that you can select the better one for your website or blog. So, here i am starting with PopCash:

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Features & Facilities

  • Sites Accepted: They do not have very high publishers requirements as they accept low traffic sites, sub-domain sites etc.
  • Stability: Popcash is online since 2012. Though it is new as compared to Edomz but it is also online for more than 2 years which makes it a stable advertising network.
  • PopCash also has thousands of worldwide advertisers and its hardworking team always keep looking for good advertisers to provide high paying, high quality advertisement to its publishers.
  • They have always paid their users on time and without any issues, which makes it one of the most reliable advertising network. 
  • So, like Edomz for stability and reliability it also deserves 5 out 5 ratings.
  • Ad Formats Offered: Unlike Edomz it offers only pop under ads as its publishers solution. But since here we are comparing both of these ad networks for their pop under advertising, so, it fulfills all necessary requirements like it is a specialized pop under ad network, popular pop under ad network, one of the most reliable ad network, offers high quality and high paying pop under advertisements.
  • CPM And Fill Rate: PopCash is one of the few ad networks which offers very high CPM for publishers. Fill rate is 100%, so, you will be earning money for all your inventory.
  • Ad Quality: Ads provided by PopCash are of high quality and from high paying brands. They also use advanced algorithms to scan sites to provide the most relevant ad units. Their ads increase the clicks conversion rate which results in higher earnings for publishers.
  • Payment Frequency: This is the thing in which PopCash is better than Edomz. PopCash pays its publishers within 7 days of a request. Usually within 48 hours. So, in terms of payment frequency it is better tha Edomz.
  • Minimum Payout: PopCash is also not a fan of setting up high minimum payout limits for publishers. They offer a low minimum payout so that all level publishers can cash-out their earnings. Like Edomz, PopCash also has a minimum payout of 10$.
  • Payment Options: Like Edomz, Popcash also offers three different payment options to its publishers. The payment options offered by PopCash are PayPal, Paxum, and Payza.
  • Support: PopCash support is also great. They have a responsive and quick support that is always ready to help its publishers. PopCash support is somewhat better than Edomz as it offers various different contact options like email, messenger, and Skype.


Features & Facilities

  • Sites Accepted: They do not have very high publishers requirements as they accept low traffic sites, sub-domain sites etc.
  • Stability: Edomz is a very old ad network. It is online since 2005 which shows that how stable this network is. Since it is running successfully for more than 9 years so it is one of the most reliable ad network on which you can trust.
  • Because they are online since 2005, so, they have a very experienced team which knows how to deal with the ups and downs of the market.
  • Another thing is, because they are one of the oldest advertising network, so, they have lots of advertising partners from all around the world which helps them to offer relevant ads for all niche websites and country.
  • So, for stability and reliability they deserve 5 out of 5.
  • Ad Quality: Edomz has a huge list of advertisers from all around the world and therefore they provide high quality ads from high paying brands. Also, their advanced algorithms scans the publishers sites to show ads relevant to the readers interests.
  • Ad Formats Offered: Edomz offers two different ad formats, Banner ads and Pop Under Ads. But, you have to create separate accounts for both banner advertise and pop under advertise. Their payment terms are also different for both accounts. They are more known for their pop under ads and therefore i am comparing both of these websites only for pop under advertising.
  • CPM & Fill Rate: As they provide ads from high paying brands so the CPM rates offered by Edomz are high. And also, as they have huge list of worldwide advertisers, so, it provides 100% fill rate to publishers. Another thing that i want to add here is that they email their publishers on regular basis if they require high quantity of traffic from specific geos and offer them very high CPM if they fulfill their requirements. They do this just to encourage their users.
  • Payment Frequency: Edomz pays fast as it pays its users on Net 15 basis.
  • Minimum Payout: They don’t like setting up high minimum payout limits as their minimum payout is only $10.
  • Payment Options: Edomz provides 3 different payments options so that you can easily withdraw your earnings. The payment options offered by Edomz are PayPal, Webmoney and MoneyBookers.
  • Note: Net 15 terms are only for pop under account holders. For CPM banner advertisement account holders their payment frequency is on Net 45 basis.
  • Support: Edomz support is good. They are quick, friendly and responsive but the only con that they have as compared to PopCash is that they only offer email as a contact option whereas PopCash offers various different contact options.

Both Edomz and PopCash are good network so you can select anyone for your site. But, if you want faster payment then go for PopCash. Don’t worry about CPM rates and ad quality, both offers high CPM and high quality advertisements.
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